Architecture Photography

Architecture Photography covers exterior design aesthetics of buildings and structures. We have photographed a wide variety of architectures ranging from facade, hotels, resorts, private estates, heritage sites, industrial properties, and many more.

When it comes to architecture photography at Wei Guang Photography, looking for the best lighting is of utmost importance – where the elegance of a building is shown through the interaction of light source in which it is presented with.

Our usual practice is to wait around the photo shoot area to take advantage of any good sources of light. Sometimes it might even take one whole day to get the perfect shot with the ideal lighting hitting at all the right places!

Architecture photography isn’t just about photographing the façade of buildings and its external features. It also involves the nitty-gritty details, its intricate pattern aesthetics and the overall outlook of the building along with its surroundings.

No two architectural structures are the same. Each work of architecture, along with its distinct characteristics carries a different meaning, identity and vibe. It is our job to bring forth all those factors out in our photography.

Besides just delivering results here at Wei Guang Photography, we strive to create a long-lasting relationship with our clients.

We listen to your needs and your vision before coming up with a creative approach to show buildings at their best, delivering quality images using cutting edge equipment for shoots, coupled with our highly skilled photographic techniques.