Food Photography

As a professional food photographer in Singapore here at Wei Guang Photography, we create stunning mouth-watering images of food for use in advertisements, menus, catalogues, cookbooks and other forms of media.

Besides having the right equipment, is important to understand what it takes to create mouth watering images.

Many people think owning a Digital Single-Lens Reflex (DSLR) camera automatically means nice photos. Yes the photos will come out great, but you need to be more than just “great” to stand out from the rest for food photography in Singapore.

In order to achieve the high quality result that is close to that of a professional photographer in Singapore, one has to posess the right photography skills with the right equipment.

One needs to have creative and instinctual expertise in arranging food in an appetizing and appealing way, which is what we can do for you.

Our food photographer in Singapore here at Wei Guang Photography are confident in executing our vision of food arrangement to make them the most appealing.

We are able to capture food in a way that will entice customers and diners, with mouth-watering images just by looking at the photos!

So instead of explaining more, we will let our photos do the talking.Feel free to browse through our portfolio and check out the pictures we offer to spark some idea concept for your photography needs.